RapidSignage RSPlayer is here to help everyone building up his/her business with most easy-to-use digital signage technology!

Just download and install our Free App onto your Android devices (Smart phone, Tablet, Smart TV…) and a dynamic & interactive signage is just a few clicks away!


Why Choose Our Solution?


Low cost

APK is free!


Content scheduling

Save time and manpower!


Easy to use

Web-based interface and design online


Diverse hardware options

Tablet and smart phone are your players!

How Does It Work


What Can I Do With RS-APK?

HTML Widget HTML Widget

A widget to display website's content.

HTML Widget Text Widget

A widget to display static text content.

Text Banner Text Banner

A widget to display scrolling text content.

Image Banner Image Banner

A widget to display scrolling pictures content.

Analog Clock Analog Clock

A widget to display clock by hands.

Digital Clock Digital Clock

A widget to display clock by numbers.

RSS Widget RSS Widget

User can display newsfeeds from external sources on the Player.

Streaming Streaming

User can receive the live streaming from IP-cam or streaming support.

How Do I Get Started?

step 1

Download Android RS-Player and install it on your android player.

step 2

Go to RS-CMS, login in, and register your android player to RS-CMS.

step 3

Create your content by RS-CMS and publish to your player!


Get Started